Red Rock Canyon at Twilight

I watched a video by photographer Dave Black. Dave showed how he created some stunning photographs at twilight using a technique called Light Painting.

My wife and I took a drive up to Red Rock Canyon in California and tried it out. This area of the Southern California Desert is one of my favorite locations for landscape photography. As you can see this Light Painting technique puts a whole new perspective on the landscape. When the photo was taken, it was totally dark out. It took several attempts to get the image just the way I wanted it. It ended up being a 30 second exposure in order to capture the stars just right. I basically used a spotlight to paint the portion in the photograph that I wanted to show up. I also determined how much light to place on certain objects in the photograph so that they would become the primary focus of attention. I am showing you the photo taken before sunset and the one taken at twilight. This way you can see just how much of a new perspective it places on the scene. It also has a way of eliminating any distracting features in the landscape. I can’t wait to scout out other areas to Light Paint.

Red Rock Canyon

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