Alabama Hills Milky Way

My wife Hannah and I took a trip to Alabama Hills to camp out overnight and capture some Milky Way images. It was 102 degrees during the daytime but cooled off quickly after the sun went down. 

This image was taken at Alabama Hills California, just outside of Lone Pine California, on 6/4/2016 using a Nikon D810 with the Nikon 14-24mm lens on this beautiful moonless night. I was very fortunate to capture the Milky Way while the annual Concert in the Rocks was taking place, as you can see by the light in the left of the image. You can also see the rocks below the Milky Way being illuminated by a campfire across the way. Keep in mind that almost all of this was invisible to the naked eye. It was only after a long exposure of 15 seconds, that this image could be seen on the cameras screen. 

Exposure 15 sec @ f/2.8

Focal Length 14mm

ISO 6400


Amazing Alabama Hills Milky Way

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