Brent stopped for a quick minute to take a selfie at Death Valley’s famous Teakettle Junction, on the way to photograph the mysterious moving rocks at Racetrack Playa. This was about 20 miles into the 26 mile off-road journey to get to the Racetrack Playa. Some of the moving rock images can be found in the Landscape Photography Gallery.


Welcome to Brent Bremer Photography

Brent is an award winning Wildlife and Landscape Photographer, with a deep passion for nature and the great outdoors.

This has a lot to do with his having been raised on a farm in rural Southern Illinois and having spent most of his time outside when he was younger.

Brent now lives in Southern California where there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. 

Please enjoy the different galleries that contain images Brent has captured over the last several years. Brent periodically posts to his Blog about any photography trips he has taken lately.

Thank you very much for taking an interest in Brent Bremer Photography.

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